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My account has been frozen and is currently suspended.

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The number of followers and followers of@Yamine1San🔪has increased by 3,000 in half a year to 5,000.
I followed 10,000 people in half a year and unfollowed 7,000 people who did not have a follower, so I overdoed it and it was about to freeze permanently.


This site has the following features:
  • Unrequited love list display
    • Collectively unfollow people selected from unrequited love
    • Confirmation of when you have a crush
  • List display of one-sided thought
    • Follow people who are selected from one-sided thoughts
    • Confirmation of when it seems to be unrequited
  • Follow, unfollow history display
    • List of follow history
    • List display of unfollow history
    • List of followed history
    • List unfollowed history
  • Automatic follow
    • Search for a specific keyword and follow automatically
      * Up to 10 people a day as it may freeze
    • Keyword search automatic follow operation log operation log confirmation
  • Automatic likes or RT
    • Automatic likes or RT by searching for a specific keyword
      * Up to 20 cases per day due to the possibility of freezing
    • Automatic like or RT operation log check
    • List of tweets that have been automatically liked or RT
  • Automatic unfollow
    • Unrequited love automatic unfollow
      * Up to 10 people a day as it may freeze


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  • If you receive any warning from Twitter, please turn off the automatic tool immediately by yourself.
    If you cannot log in, please contact@ Yamine1San by DM.
    * For the time being, it is automatically turned off when there are restrictions due to protection from spam.
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