Introducing how to smoothly switch Japanese input when operating AnyDesk on Windows

This page is an article for people who are having trouble entering Japanese while operating a remote PC with AnyDesk on Windows because the IME of the local PC is also turned on.

Problems when trying to input Japanese on a remote PC with AnyDesk

Both the local PC and the remote PC cannot operate because IME is turned on.

Solution of the problem

The solution to the problem is to always turn off the IME on your local PC.
If you use the free software "ImeOffAnyDesk"that I wrote,
You can keep turning off the IME on your local PC while operating AnyDesk.
It does not contain viruses. The source code is open to the public.
I think it is safer to download from GitHub, so please download from GitHub.

Click here for download page

It's a shabby software, so it's free, but please feel free.
It took a while to make it, so please feel free.
Thank you for your feelings.

Description of ImeOffAnyDesk


Software to fix the IME of the local PC to alphanumericals while using AnyDesk.
If the IME of the local PC turns on while operating the remote PC, turn it off.
By using this, you can switch the IME of the remote PC on and off while the IME of the local PC is turned off.
Entering Japanese in AnyDesk will be comfortable.

Operation confirmed environment

I think it works everywhere. IME switching It is not software that sends key input to switch.

  • Windows10 + Microsoft IME
  • Windows10 + Goolge IME
  • Windows11 + Microsoft IME
  • Windows11 + Goolge IME

starting method

The startup method is either (1) automatic startup or (2) manual startup.

  • (1) Put it in the startup folder and make it start automatically at login so that it always starts.
  • ② When using AnyDesk, double-click to launch it.

If you use AnyDesk often, it is recommended to put it in the startup folder of ①.
It doesn't put a load on your computer, and when you start it, it stays in the task tray, so you don't have to worry about it.
I myself have already passed 9 months by the method of ①, but no problem has occurred.
The path of the startup folder for each individual is as follows.
"C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"
If you don't know, press the Windows key and R at the same time to display "Run", enter "shell: startup", and press OK.
The opened folder becomes the startup folder.

How to exit

Right-click the icon in the task tray at the bottom right and select Exit.

Outline of processing

Judgment method while operating a remote PC with AnyDesk

When the following two conditions are met, it is judged that the remote PC is being operated.

  • The foreground app is AnyDesk.exe
  • The window title is "--AnyDesk"

Processing flow

  • Determine if you are operating a remote PC with AnyDesk every second
  • When operating the remote PC, monitor the IME of the local PC every 0.2 seconds and turn it off when the IME is turned on.