Hello 🔪

Hello, nice to meet you.My nameis @Yamine1San🔪 .Thank you.

Production 🔪

  • ImeOffAnyDesk
    Windows resident app
    An application that turns off the IME of the host PC when it is turned on while operating the remote PC with AnyDesk.
    The page I just made is dirty
  • Tsui Marriage-#Twitter Marriage Search
    A site that summarizes hashtag "#Twitter marriage activity"information
    You can search by gender, address, age, annual income, etc.
    I made it a little clean because it was said to be a miscellaneous fish
  • Dark Twitter management system
    Confirmation of "unrequited love" and "unrequited love"on Twitter
    Functions of automatic follow, automatic like, and automatic RT
    You just have to move. It looks dirty and is left unattended
  • Lunatic database
    The guy I made in my first React study
    I used Cloud Firestore for the database
    Lunatic voting and comments are possible
  • Poop 💩 Smash!
    The one I made while studying TypeScript for the first time
    Consumed 4 hours on holidays
    A web page where you just click and hit a poop thief
  • SQL formatter
    A WEB page that teaches the SQL formatter used for debugging
    Besides, HTML, CSS and JS. I plan to make minify as well
    It looks dirty and is left unattended
  • Qiita/@Yamine1San
    Reinventing the wheel post
    Write as much as you like in your diary